Events, Exercises and Etcetera

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Events, Exercises and Etcetera


The Madison County ARES group participates in several activities to sharpen our skills and hone our equipment. We do random field testing on communications efficiency of various locations in Madison County and test the quality of our transmissions with our current equipment. We also participate in local and regional simulated emergency exercises concerning different disasters such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Natural and Man made disasters and accidents. This can involve the local region, county wide, state wide or national participation depending on the scenario. Many of our local Amateurs have assisted in the past and are continuously training for the future.

Occuring Events

Weekly Madison ARES Net Sunday Night 21:00 145.190 Repeater

Weeking Training Net Tallahassee Sunday Night 17:30 147.030 Repeater

Weekly ARES Net Sunday 20:00 Tallahassee 147.030 Repeater

Daily ARES Phone Net 09:00 3950 6 Days no Sunday Net

Daily North Florida Phone Net 21:30 7 days

Upcoming Events

Madison Foot Print Test TBD

Madison Direction Finding Test TBD

Past Events

Past Events and Tests