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 About the Club

Madison County Amateur Radio Club

President – Pat Lightcap K4NRD
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We are the Madison County Amateur Radio Club. A group of Radio Amateurs who band together to talk radio and have fun and support each other. We can help you join this community. If interested in Amateur Radio contact us and we will assist you in the process of getting a license and joining our close knit fraternity. Only one of our activities is supporting ARES in Madison county but we take it as our most important!


Emergency Coordinator for Madison County – Pat Lightcap K4NRD

We are a small volunteer group that can provide emergency communications in a crisis. We also assist in communications in other functions when needed. We provide our own equipment, time, and other resources at our own expense. It is a violation of FCC Rules and Regulations for Amateur Radio operators to accept any pay for their services. The only acceptable pay is the satisfaction that we may have made a difference!
The Madison County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) meets at 6:30 P.M. every 2nd Tuesday. The group meets at the Madison County Emergency Operations Center located at 1083 SW Harvey Greene Drive, Madison, FL. 32340. All Hams and non-Hams are invited to attend the meetings.

Now, during the time of the Covid Pandemic, Madison ARES will conduct our meetings on the Lee repeater same time and day. Tune in to 145.190 and join.

We hold a weekly repeater net. This is where licensed operators do a check in by Call sign to a Net control Operator using our roster. This net is held every Sunday night at 9 P.M. on the repeater frequency of 145.190 FM. All Amateurs are invited to check in.

Madison Amateur Radio Club

Mission Statement

To provide the ability to transmit,receive and understand messages using individual skills and team coordination for the enhancement of community safety and security.

Vision Statement

To become an efficient organization of diverse communication capabilities using past, present and future technologies to serve others through planning, practice and refinement of communication resources.